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CBS Celebrity Undercover Boss - Amanda-Camille with Idina Menzel Episode Premiere May 18th, 2018

Celebrity Undercover Boss

Amanda-Camille Receives the surprise of her life from the amazing Idina Menzel

I auditioned for what I thought was a Documentary about singers who are trying to make it to Broadway.  They highlighted one of my part time jobs (delivering and performing) Singing Telegrams.  I was told that a women named Helen wanted to break into the business and needed to learn a trade to do part time as she started her journey to make it Broadway!  They Lied, THEY lied, THEY LIED, and I am SO happy that they did!  I was suprised by the "Wickedly Talented" Idina Menzel.  She is now my mentor, got me a job on a cruise line, and an audition with Mr. Bernie Telsey who is now going to find the perfect role for ME!  Let's keep the the dream alive!